Improve your bounce rate - does bounce rate hurt search positions

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Having a High Bounce Rate
will Hurt your Search Positions

Google's Algorithm Will Punish You

Google's Algorithm has a large emphasis on providing consumers with websites and content that people like and want. Time and time again Google tells you to focus on providing quality content so that users are engaged with your site. One factor that helps Google to determine the relevance of your site is "Google Analytics" Bounce Rate. It is really very simple, if google see's that your site has a large bounce rate (anything over 60%) then Google's Algorithm will determine that your site is of poor quality. This poor quality will definitely lower your rankings with Google.

Common Factors that will cause you to have a high bounce Rate

  • The Content is not relevant to the keywords that bought you to the page
  • The page performs poorly and causes consumers to bounce off the page quickly
  • Bad backlinks can increase your bounce rates significantly

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