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Get your content reintegrated back into Google in four hours or less.

Recently, there have been several wonderful discussions that centered on the terrible concerns about SEO for a while now. We can blame the questionable SEO experts who  have been intentionally creating spammy links in most of the situations. Scenarios might also arise where you might be operating for a SaaS and customers in this program don’t follow the rules, generating numerous inferior links that if pointing back at your website, has the ability to degrade it.

Considering this, I will describe how the main purpose of SEO through a genuine story (such as clearing spammy URLs and backlinks) can be easily misplaced and how to create one for yourself and reintegrate your web pages in Google Search engine listings. The theme of this site is the unintentional deindexing of the 123ContactFrom builder.

The objectives of this post are to teach you:

  • That there can always be a miraculous turnaround.
  • How we are able to reindex our content in four hours or less by revealing those things we performed.
  • What we planned out during the dark moment we got deindexed.

Determining that something has gone wrong for sure.

I found out during a speedy SEO analysis routine that the firm where I was being employed was no longer being ranked on two very important keywords. Although this happened on a previous night, I instantly signed in into the Google Webmaster tools and realized the warning sign that formally affirmed this issue. 

I did a lot of work and also found out a much deeper concern that apart from the fact that two very important keywords have been thrown out of the search results, the complete website is no longer listed on the search engine result pages (SERP). As a matter of fact, the complete website is no longer listed.

Let’s be clear on this, half of our traffic is generated from organic search results there will have tremendous ramifications for the firm if half of it is dead.

Recognize the foundation of the problem – A window of opportunity.

Have you ever experienced a scenario where you are only surrounded by lots of “ifs”? I can definitely recount and I term this a condition of window-of-opportunity when everything seems unrealistic and probably the window of opportunity gave access to the bugs. 

Fortunately, there are numerous available cutting edge tools (Google Webmaster tools being considered) that can help determine the main issue whenever we get lost. We later discovered after much study that the index file of the homepage is no longer in the site structure.

What really led to this?

It is as simple as it gets (although it seemed like a joke, but this is no joke at all). We have integrated an automatic plugin in Chrome that we use to carry out some maintenance tasks. We discovered some terrible SEO issues as explained previously as we are a SaaS firm that provides online form building services to our worldwide customers. Some of our customers have developed some of these terrible SEO issues which I had to integrate an automated plugin that will clear out all the links from the index enmass, as my objective was to remove the terrible contents from the search results.

The plugin was very effective during the first five utilizations but the final try resulted in a situation of window-of-opportunity which led to the removal of the website’s homepage as a file structure from the search results. The Homepage URL was absent from the links to be processed by the plugin, but there are two reasons for this.

  • Copies in the list
  • A vacant row in the list.

The plugin without any doubt was very useful but must be intelligently utilized and always ensure to double-check that everything is working fine even after regular submission on the minute.

Now that our website no longer shows in the search result, how can this issue be fixed?

Firstly, always take responsibility for any bad occurrence that happens because this will ease things up. Funny right. I then carried out these steps after finishing these tasks.

1. Reintegrate Webpages in Google search engine results. (Google indicates that this process can take up to 3 to 5 business days).

2. Provide the Webpages to be reindexed on Google.

3. Inform loved ones, colleagues and every other person to create a post including the removed homepage link on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus. This will re-crawl your website more rapidly once again.

As a matter of fact, you need to be very innovative in order to come out of this kind of dire situation. If not, you should probably consult your network for assistance and just focus on something else.

4. Retrieve just like Google by using the Google Webmaster tools.

5. Develop and provide a new XML Sitemap.

Fortunately, I had previously generated an XML sitemap the day before the unfortunate incident but was unable to get it updated on the server. I uploaded to the server and then submitted from the Google Webmaster tools.

We were back in business (search result) without delay after the submission of the sitemap. Probably we were also assisted with the newness of the website.

We were able to get out website back on Google Search result in 3 to 4 hours.

We compiled a list of the task to carry out but it's pointless reviewing them but they are still provided below.

1. You should post relevant articles on blogs or a Knowledgebase if you have them to enable you to get indexed rapidly.

2. Create an announcement and distribute it through authority services.

3. Develop a social media campaign for the benefit of your website in the form of a contest.

You can likewise have a look at this wonderful post ( no indexation-recuperation system amp-results) which can also provide additional insights on how this issue can be easily resolved.

Although we spent a lot of time discovering the real issue (the link has already been removed five hours before it was discovered), it only took us about 3 to 4 hours to get it fixed. 

Luckily, I was able to discover this issue in the early mornings when many of our prospects were still asleep due to the time zone difference. May God bless America for this, our consultant for the wonderful advice, my team for their assistance and the vitamin c I received and everybody else who was part of the success story.

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