Google Map Citations – Unlock the Power of Google Local Rankings for SEO


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Google Map Citations – Unlock the Power of Google Local Rankings for SEO

What Are Google Map Citations?

Simply put, Google map citations are particulars or specific information that is relevant to your business, and these particulars are published on web. These particulars may include, name, city, zip code, street address, and state and URL of your website. Search engines use these citations to evaluate the accuracy of your business by searching on website resources and directories.

For local SEO, a Google map citation is considered authoritative if it has high consistency in relation to your Google business page. Moreover, when you publish the name of your business, phone number, or address on other websites, you should keep in mind that these particulars should be similar to those on Google business page.

What is a local citation?

It is a combination or collection of seven different data points that constitute local citations. These points include:

  • • Name of your business
  • • Street address of your business
  • • Name of your city
  • • Name of your state
  • • Zip code of your city or state
  • • Your business phone number
  • • The URL of your website

These particulars collectively make a local citation.

What are local SEO citations?

These are the citations that have data related to local businesses, and they are published on the web. The reason for publishing these citations is to maximize or enhance the visibility and rankings of a certain business or website on Google maps and local search on Google.

Often, I get queries related to the Google map citations and local SEO citations. Technically, these terms are representing the same objective. When you build Google map citations for your local business, your objective is to enhance the authority and consistency of business-related data on the web. If the Google map citations are used to maximize your business ranking and visibility for the purpose of local search, then it will be termed as building a local SEO citation for your business or website.

What is citation link building?

When a business uses the URL of its website for the sake of citation, it is regarded as a citation link building. It is often argued that citation link building is not an effective strategy for link building. However, I believe that not only is it legitimate or effective, but citation link building is also an effective way of building a strong authority for your website, and it is also referred to as domain authority.

What is a citation portfolio?

In simplest terms, a citation portfolio can be defined as a set or collection of published (on web) citations related to your business. For example, if your business has 100 citations that are published on 100 different directories or websites, then your citation portfolio will consist of these citations. It is just like a portfolio of stocks where you have stocks of different businesses or companies.

Google Map Citations for Local SEO Are Similar To Backlinks

Citations that are used for the purpose of local SEO are just like backlinks to your site. While ranking a website for local search, citation analysis is used by Google for this purpose. It is similar to a process where backlink analysis is used by Google to determine rankings when it comes to organic search. When we talk about citations for the sake of local SEO rankings, it must be kept in mind that all citations are not equal. Google's citation analysis is based on different variables, including:

  • • The authority and relevance of the source of the citation.
  • • Your business's citations volumes
  • • Consistency of NAP (Name, address, phone number) in the citations.

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