Tips on How to Improve Your Ranking on Google Maps for SEO


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Tips on How to Improve Your Ranking on Google Maps for SEO

When creating an online business marketing strategy, there are a few tips that one can follow to quickly and easily achieve the desired result of a high rank on search engines result. However, what most business owners do not know is that there are also a few mistakes that can happen when trying to create a digital marketing strategy, thus an easy choice can become a headache that can lead to no solution at all. Therefore, this article will give you a walkthrough of the process on how to create, manage, and, achieve a good ranking on search results.

First of all, the verification of the Google My Business information is extremely advisable because it is capable of allowing a business owner to claim a listing for their business to appear on the search engine. Therefore, make sure to verify the information given on the Google My Business and to check if it is correct, then, check if it matches your website’s information. If not, provide the exact same information from your website to the Google Maps, that way you will have a more accurate listing that will provide better information to future clients and, thus, will attract more revenue. Furthermore, user reviews are also needed to attract new customers because it can convey confidence to those who desire to know if the business is real or not. Besides that, good reviews can also attract new customers, while bad reviews will most likely disperse the customers.

Embed map locations on your website can also boost the ranking of your business, as it facilitates the searcher to find the Google Map location of the business, in other words, it increases the visibility of your business’ location. Furthermore, citations are also a good trick for those who desire to rank higher in a search engine, for that, there are a few sites that can help small business to receive citations. Yext, for example, is specialized in creating and keeping loyal customers for both large and small business through online marketing and local SEO. There are also other companies, such as MozLocal and BrightLocal, that are specialized in local SEO and can help you through the use of it, thus, resulting in a higher rank for your business. Besides that, high-quality and loyal images of the business location can help you achieve a higher rank and even help the customer to easily find your business, therefore, you can also use nearby locations or neighborhoods as a reference.

Links are also quite important when it comes to SEO because, although most people search for reviews and local citations, links to your website can give the searcher a chance to get to know the business better. That way, the person will have a better knowledge of the business information, such as working hours and specialized services. Furthermore, although a link can greatly help a business, a citation tool – MozLocal, for example – can also influence the reach of the business by putting your business in localized directories besides Google Maps – which already allows ads - without badly influencing your links or your website.

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