Tips on How to Get a Better Ranking on Google Maps for SEO


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Tips on How to Get a Better Ranking on Google Maps for SEO

The efficiency of Google is one of the things that are able to help business owners to acquire more customers and revenue to the business. Furthermore, Google Maps is also a tool that can be used to attract attention to the business itself through the search system. Although larger business can overshadow the small and medium-sized ones in the ranking on the search system, Google is introducing other factors into the calculation of rankings. Therefore, there are several things that can boost the ranking and the market of a business.

Google Maps is an important tool of Google because it provides the directions, location, reviews of a business. Besides that, the ranking of the Google Maps is extremely important because it is able to put your business on the first page of the search listing, as it is unlikely that a user will search farther than the first page of results. Therefore, it is of extreme importance for the owner of the business to keep the information updated and verified. Furthermore, the owner can use simple but helpful tricks that can make the business stand out amongst the listing. To add photos, for example, is a good way to entice customers to visit the place. However, if you opt to not add a photo, then the Google Maps will display a generic map view of the business. On the other hand, it is advisable to add one or more photos from the business’ website to highlight certain aspects of the business.

It is also advisable to optimize the listing description, in other words, instead of adding a superfluous description, opt for SEO keywords that describe the business. Furthermore, verify and update the Google My Business information, provide all possible contact information – such as address, website and telephone number -, avoid duplicate pieces of information because Google will discredit all multiples information for one actual business and write only accurate information. Lastly, inform the business hours, so Google can provide to potential customers the impetus to use the business. Besides that, it is also advisable to properly categorize the business, which basically means to add a primary industry category or a keyword that can describe the business. With that said, there are five additional categories which it is advisable to be used to incorporate local SEO keywords, which act as additional descriptors of the business. Therefore, the primary category should be the main classification for the business while the remaining five will boost the search ranking.

User reviews are also a simple way to get a higher rank on the search engine, as Google has already recognized the fact that a high volume of good reviews results in a higher rank. Furthermore, user reviews add another dimension of trustworthiness to a business, whether it is bad or good reviews. However, keep in mind that once the business is open to reviews, different kinds of reviews will appear and it may not appease the owner. It is also advised to provide additional information for the customers, such as a telephone number, and embed a link to the business website. Besides that, when adding a telephone number make sure to avoid toll-free number, which is commonly used for spam, and use local numbers.

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