The instructional guide on recovering from the Google penalty for SEO


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The instructional guide on recovering from the Google penalty for SEO

Getting penalized by Google is no longer news, although this is a major challenge for SEO.

The thought of your traffic being eliminated from organic search overnight is quite frightening as getting penalized can move your business from being profitable to just managing.

In a situation where you are just learning about SEO, this is a brief description of what getting penalized entails:

Whenever Google’s guidelines are violated (and you get caught), your website will be penalized such that all your rankings on the search engine will start to drastically diminish (usually 50+ each).

Therefore, more links will result in a higher score if they are from diverse and authoritative domains, but the secret to avoiding bad links is to reach out to high-quality partners for backlinks. Furthermore, when the content has a lot of backlinks it will achieve the link authority and link diversity. The previously mentioned auditing software can be used to monitor the quality of links and eliminate bad ones, and also to reach for high-quality partners.

You can still get penalized by Google even after trying so hard to abide by Google’s rules and guidelines. Some uncontrollable factors could result in getting penalized by Google like unfavorable SEO attacks.

This situation is usually common. Matt Cutts stated that every month, over 400,000 penalties are handed out manually. Irrespective of whatever causes these penalties or probably the website penalized is yours or for a client, you should be able to discover the cause and find a solution. In most of the situation, within a short while, you should be able to recover your lost traffic.


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