Reasons Why Your Index Pages Are Going Down for SEO


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Reasons Why Your Index Pages Are Going Down for SEO

The rule of ranking on Google is simple: get your page indexed, and get ranked. Pages that are not indexed on Google cannot be ranked.

If you've observed a decline in the number of indexed pages reported by Google, then you need to take some precautionary measures.

If your pages aren't being indexed, it could mean that Google has an issue with your page. The following are some of the reasons why your indexed page count decreases;

Backlinks need to be monitored from up-close because bad links can result in punishment by Google, however, good and reliable links can result in higher ranks.

Therefore, more links will result in a higher score if they are from diverse and authoritative domains, but the secret to avoiding bad links is to reach out to high-quality partners for backlinks. Furthermore, when the content has a lot of backlinks it will achieve the link authority and link diversity. The previously mentioned auditing software can be used to monitor the quality of links and eliminate bad ones, and also to reach for high-quality partners.

  • Google is having a difficult time crawling your page.
  • Google considers your page to be irrelevant to your niche
  • You are facing a Google penalty.

The following are useful tips to diagnose and fix the problem of reducing numbers of indexed pages.

Check how the pages are loading

Ensure your pages have the right 200 HTTP header status.

You can use an HTTP Header Status tool to see if the pages have the right header. Some of these tools are free, and they include; Botify, Screaming Frog, and Xenu. The appropriate header status is 200. If you see anything with 3xx, or 4xx or 5xx then bad news for your index goals.

Did your URLs change

Most times an alteration to CMS or server setting can lead to change in domain, or even folder may alter the URLs of a site.

Fix Duplicate Content Issues

Fixing the issue of duplicate content usually involves implementing canonical tags, non-index meta tags or 301 redirects. All of these can lead to a decrease in indexed URLs.

However, this is one of the few instances where a decrease in indexed pages is a positive thing.

Since this is good for your page, what you need to do is ensure that this is really the cause of the decrease of indexed pages and not something entirely different.

Page Time Out

Some servers have limited bandwidth, and as such, they might find it difficult to house the various needs of your pages. These servers need to be upgraded. There are other instances where the issue may be hardware related, and it can be solved by carrying out the necessary upgrades and tweaks.

If you observe a bandwidth restriction, it may be the right time to upgrade services. On the other hand, if it is a memory issue, you can improve your hardware, and also check to see if there are any kind of server caching technology in position. This will help relieve the stress on the server.

Final thoughts

In as much as a decrease in the indexed page might spell doom for some people, it is not always negative. It could be an indication that you should fix your contents and put your page in the right place.

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