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Go SMS Won't Download Text Pictures

My phone was working fine receiving and download pictures that had been texted to me. Then for no reason the ability to download the pictures from my text messages just stopped. The message just said "Downloading" with the spinning clock. I tried everything playing with the phone settings, playing with the app settings, uninstalling the app, reinstalling the app, uninstalling the app and using the base messenger app. Nothing worked. Then I decided to call the cell provider. In my case it is metro pcs.

The problem was the Mobile Network Access Point had changed

What the hell! I don't know how it changed or why there was no notification from the carrier but it gave me some major grief. Fortunately, the carrier tech support was very helpful in getting the correct information setup. Here are basic steps:

  • Go to Setup then scroll to the bottom for "More"
  • Click on Access Point Names, Click the 3 dots to add a new Access Point
  • Your carrier should be able to instruct you on their configuration
  • You will need to reboot the phone after setup. Good Luck

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