4 Factors That Can Help Achieve Higher Ranks for SEO


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4 Factors That Can Help Achieve Higher Ranks for SEO

Search engines ranking factors are important when it comes to maximizing your SEO or putting your business on a higher rank on search results. The ranking factors are not created equally, therefore, it can be used to maximize your SEO through specific factors, which you can focus on. The most important factors are the content, the backlinks, the mobile-first use experience, and, the technical factors.

There are a lot of technical factors that can influence your SEO experience and most of them can have a big impact on your website’s rank on search engines. The encryption, for example, has a strong correlation between an HTTPS website and Google’s first ranking result, that happens because HTTPS websites are safe and trusted by Google. Furthermore, anchor texts are also influential to the ranks because it is capable of redirecting people to and from your website, but it is also capable of giving you a penalty if your links appear unnatural. The H1 and H2 headings are also strongly correlated to the number of websites on a higher ranking because there are more landing pages with an H1 and H2 in the source code. Lastly, but not least, the Google mobile-optimization is responsible for giving penalties to those who use intrusive interstitials, such as ads or CTA, that covers the main content on mobile. Therefore, you should carefully use these factors, opt to switch to HTTPS encryption, use an H2 heading, use a semantically relevant anchor text, and lastly, remove all intrusive interstitials from your mobile website.

The content is the most important ranking factor and, although it is drifting away from keywords-focused content and getting closer to relevant content, it still is one of the most important factors of all. Although the keyword-focused content is steadily dropping throughout the years, the relevant content is still able of achieving higher ranks on search engines because of its easy-to-understand language combined with a long-form text that allows the reader to get more detail about the subject in question. Furthermore, to optimize the ability of the content, it is advisable to use a content auditing software that is capable of finding and fixing thin content, improving Topical Authority in the niche, and exploring fewer topics in greater detail. In other words, the content needs to be comprehensive, easy to read and relevant to a determined audience.

Backlinks need to be monitored from up-close because bad links can result in punishment by Google, however, good and reliable links can result in higher ranks.

Therefore, more links will result in a higher score if they are from diverse and authoritative domains, but the secret to avoiding bad links is to reach out to high-quality partners for backlinks. Furthermore, when the content has a lot of backlinks it will achieve the link authority and link diversity. The previously mentioned auditing software can be used to monitor the quality of links and eliminate bad ones, and also to reach for high-quality partners.

The mobile optimization is also an important factor when it comes to the ranking because all of the higher ranked domains are mobile-friendly with identical content on both mobile and desktop platforms. Furthermore, Google has a new criterion that requires all sites to be mobile-friendly, but it also requires the mobile version to be complete and efficient before releasing it, there is even a rule that requires the mobile version to load in two seconds or less. To optimize the mobile version before launching, you can use tools to attest the quality of the version before launching

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