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A Few Words About Us

We focus on the most important factors for getting websites higher rankings in the search engines.

We are professionals when it comes to website designs and internet marketing. We achieve top search engine rankings based on our experience. Our records show many top ten placements for our clients over the years.

We can help you gain more exposure and stand out from your competition so you can increase your sales and profits!

Let our years of experience work for you.

Online Services IDM was founded with an emphasis on Internet Development for Travel Agencies. Over the years, we have expanded from that market to include all industries. The founder Mr. Mark Horton is dedicated to quality development, customer service and client support.

Why Choose Us

Online Services IDM is dedicated to supporting our clients with the best developers available.

We focus on having a staff of employees who are all office based (no free lance staff). This is important to ensure that our customers have the very best service. Many of our past and present employees are graduates from Notable Schools, such as:

  • University of Miami
  • St. Leo University
  • National University
  • Florida State University
  • Florida Memorial University
  • Florida International University
  • Nova Southeastern University

Our Mission is to help our clients increase their sales through Internet Marketing.


  • SEO that works

    Online Services has been keeping customers at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing for over 2 decades. Over the past several years, Google has had multiple changes that affect keeping your site at the top of the search engines. We are engineers and we have the technical expertise in order to keep up with the search engine changes.

  • Save Money and Get Results

    The reality is if you are looking at getting a new website today, this is probably not your first time. Making errors from the start will cost you 2 to 5 times more money than just doing it right, the first time.

    Approximately, 70% of our new clients have already tried this at least twice with horrible results. So whether you use us or not here are a couple of tips for you. Don't get a template site and Don't use a new SEO company that does not have a network of quality backlinks and resources. Purchasing backlinks is a quick way to get flagged in Google.

Did You Know?

Getting cheap SEO that doesn't work doesn't save you?

Purchasing SEO is not like buying a product at Walmart. Purchasing SEO services from a quality company that is committed your success is really the most important factor.

First We Consult

In the last few years we have seen so many horror stories. Alot of them comes from unqualified SEO companies entering the market. It is also because many businesses focus on price instead of finding a solution that works.

That does not mean we are expensive, because we really are not. We provide cost effective solutions for your business.

Remember, a cheap solution that delivers no results is not cheap!


...Online Services reprogrammed, developed and marketed my firm's website. As a result of Online Services efforts, my firm is receiving many clients from our website...

L. Singer

... In two short months my traffic went from 43 hits per month to over 1400 hits per month. I'm now generating on average 5 to 7 new patients per month directly from my site...

N. Hernandez

...Over the past ten years Online Services has developed, managed and marketed our websites. Each time we invest in our websites through Online Services we are never disappointed...

G. Alvarez

...Since Online Services rebuilt our website and put us on their month to month marketing program we have been receiving... completed sales from places like Argentina, Japan and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida...

D. Gonzalez

...I just want to say thank you for the great service you provide. I was checking by different keywords to see the position of my company and what a great surprise: I am in first pages in almost all the keywords. Thanks...

J. Bautista

...Online Services IDM took over our website for exactly the same monthly fee that we were spending for hosting in a template based site. In addition to the hosting of the site they expanded our products from 30 to over 300 items...

S. Hylton

testimonials cont.

...Your service has been extremely helpful to us over the past 15 plus years. I can recall in the beginning I was very skeptical of marketing on the internet, but I decided to give it a try. The results I have experienced have been outstanding. Your SEO service has kept us on the first page of all the search engines for all of the important keywords we need. That’s Great!

But what’s even better is, because you have delivered to us a steady flow of parents requesting student enrollments, we have been able reach student capacity with “Kids First PreSchool” which we filled and sold, then “Oxford Academy” which we filled and sold and each month we can depend on your service delivering to us 7 to 9 new students.

Your customer service is second to none and your staff is always so friendly and ready to help in anyway needed. The new revision of the site you are doing now is incredible and I am really expecting even better results from this site. It has truly been a pleasure and we are really looking forward to another 15 years with your service...

G. Samaroo

...I was recently contacted by the president of one of the largest privately latin owned vertical blinds companies. The US headquarters is in Doral, Florida. They found me on the internet by doing a word search. He was impressed with our website and surprised that this kind of firm was in South Florida. Anyway, he was so impressed with our meeting that we won the engagement. It is for a large contract do an organization assessment.

Thank you ONLINE Services for positioning our firm for our clients...

G. Birks