Having Trust Flow Issues? Develop Your Trust Flow With These Methods

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Having Trust Flow Issues? Develop Your Trust Flow With These Methods for SEO


Trust flow as well as its counterpart, Citation Flow have just been recently launched.

Trust Flow was developed by Majestic SEO and has combined with Page Rank to become an extremely significant metric for SEO.

Experts have indicated that Trust Flow and Citation Flow have moved to the top of the PageRank and recognized as the most crucial metric for evaluating the value of a website.

Having said that, digital marketers and brand owners should be informed about Trust Flow (TF) and know the methods of improving this metric with regards to their SEO.


Concept of Trust Flow

As indicated by Majestic SEO, Trust Flow is a system for scoring the quality of a website between 0 and 100.

Majestic SEO, in the process of developing this metric, secured websites manually and generated a hidden list of reliable “seed sites”. The “seed sites” were used to form the basis for Trust Flow, and the TF score of a website is determined by its proximity to the seed sites.

The Monitor Backlinks Free Backlinks tool can be utilized to evaluate the Trust Flow of any website and to also determine if it is seed site. The Trust Flow of any competitor can also be viewed.

For instance, it is seen that Facebook was discovered to have an almost perfect TF which implies that it is a potential seed site. Generating backlinks from Facebook will have a positive effect on your TF score.

Why is flow used to represent this metric?

Trust flows through the link that exists between each site. The diagram below shows that Site A (a seed site) is the source of the trust. Trust flows through the link that exists between Site A and Site B and so on, and the TF metric gradually decreases.

As previously stated, the proximity of a website to a seed site will determine how high is its Trust Flow. Generally, a Trust Flow from 50 upwards is regarded to be excellent. (Seed sites usually have a score between 80 and 90). A score between 11 and 49 is regarded as average and a score of 10 and below is poor.

Finally, Topical Trust Flow is a category of the TF metric. Majestic indicates that the Topical Trust Flow reveals the comparative effect within a particular topic or category of a root domain, subdomain, or webpage.

The metric reveals the commanding industry of a website and assist users to discover influencers in certain categories. The scoring system for Topical Trust Flow also ranges from 1 to 100.


Using the Trust Flow Metrics

After considering the definition of trust flow, the next step is to consider how it can be used.

First off, TF can be used to identify and evaluate other competitors.

Since TF uses a direct approach (high score implies a high-quality website), you can check for competitors that pose a threat by simply scanning their scores. Monitor Backlinks tool can be used to view all competitor’s TF and Topical TF scores. This approach of generating competitive data can help to discover new possible link possibilities and keywords.

New linking possibilities can be predicted or evaluated using TF metrics. Whether you discovered linking possibilities after evaluating your competitors, discovered a potential guest posting possibilities, or discovered a new domain that can be bought, a thorough evaluation of the link’s TF will provide a basic metric that can be used for its analysis. Low Topical Trust Flow and TF scores should be searched for when evaluating backlinks. These sites have no impact on your SEO. The worst case is that they are negatively affecting it. Any site having a TF score that is not up to 10 should be eliminated (Just like it is displayed in the Monitor Backlinks dashboard).

Finally and the most vital part is that you can discover the success rate of your SEO. Since Google no longer updates PageRank, a precise metric that can be used to discover the quality, search engine performance and relevance of a website is Trust Flow.


Three methods of improving your Trust Flow (SEO)

Look at this: Say you are analyzing the Trust Flow of other websites for potential backlink possibilities, there is every tendency that this is also done to you. Therefore, you should only focus on improving your TF.

The center point around this is to concentrate on developing commanding and valuable backlinks. The quality of your backlinks plays a more important role and has more impact on your TF than its quantity. You can begin through these steps.


• Reach out to influencers

Reaching out to influencers when developing commanding backlinks is very crucial. Make sure that the influencers you will be contacting are very active in their specific industry or niche.

You can begin by running a search on major keywords and highlighting the top personalities, journalists, and bloggers within that category.

You can then proceed to the Free Backlink Checker tool to confirm and ascertain that Trust Flow and Topical Trust Flow are under that specific industry.

Contact these influencers and inform them about your brand, offer valuable content, or request for a backlink. Several methods can be used to politely request for a backlink (and simultaneously develop a strong relationship).


• Guest post on top quality websites

Another method of developing commanding backlinks and generate TF from other seed sites to your website is through guest posting.

Just like when discovering influencers, use the Free Backlink Checker tool to evaluate the TF of a domain whenever you discover a guest posting opportunity.

Developing content to be posted on websites with a score of less than 10 is a waste of time. Also, guarantee that the permitted links in the guest posts are followed. If the guest posted links are not followed by the site, the backlinks will have no effect on your TF.



Nofolllow linking possibilities are not entirely worthless. They can increase your brand awareness and reveal your business to a new audience. Therefore, they should not be completely ignored.


• Perform internal links

Another method of improving your Trust Flow as well as your SEO is by linking to internal pages.

Make sure that the content or blog posts published on your website contain a minimum of five internal links to other pages. Having a strong homepage will also improve the Trust Flow and SEO of all the linked pages.


• Review backlinks regularly

Constant review of the backlinks of your website does not affect your Trust Flow but ensures that you have a high and healthy score.

Your Trust Flow will continually stay high when you regularly review your website’s backlinks and disown the harmful ones. This high score will position your website as a valuable one that should be linked to which will improve your SEO.


This is how it works

Monitor Backlinks tool helps to make reviewing and disavowing very easy. This tool collects your site’s data and enables you to monitor your backlinks, keywords, and competitors as well as the entire activity of your website from a single dashboard.

This tool also comes with a comprehensive analysis of your backlink activity, active monitoring of all metrics (such as Trust Flow), and spam links recognition. Disavowing harmful links can be performed with just a single click.


Final Takeaway on Trust Flow

Trust Flow is a very crucial metric for measuring the quality, search engine performance, and worth of a website. It also helps in recognizing potential linking opportunities, performing competitive analysis, and backlink evaluation.

The increase and maintenance of your Trust Flow will have a positive effect on your site performance, SEO as well as the potential for linking opportunities.

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