The Do’s and Don’tsof Google Maps SEO for SEO


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The Do’s and Don’tsof Google Maps SEO for SEO

There are a few problems that can happen when using Google Maps SEO and, although these problems can be easily avoided or solved, it is still common to happen. However, on the other hand, there are also a few tips that can help you improve your business’ traffic and revenue, thus, optimizing the business itself as a whole. Furthermore, these tips can also improve the business’ reviews and quality through an ideal local marketing.

The mistakes or negative factors are the most common among newcomers to the Google Maps SEO, as it can happen because of lack of attention or knowledge. Therefore, beware if you have mismatched the name and phone of the business or if you have multiple locations with that address. Furthermore, do not use all 5 categories, instead, use one for the main classification of the business and two or three more for accurate keywords. Do not use all five categories. Besides that, be as accurate as possible, avoid incorrect business category and keywords, also be sure to avoid multiple places with similar business titles and address. Furthermore, if you have more than one website and listing, use the same phone number to avoid confusions.

It is advisable to make a new google account if your old one has a bad history or association with suppressed listings. Furthermore, avoid irrelevant categories and location keywords, opt to use a map marker and a suite number instead, which will compensate for the lack of city keywords. Besides that, you can also keep your SEO clean, in other words, do not put multiple categories in the same input field and do not stuff place page description. Lastly, add an 800 number with alternate numbers to your website and avoid any kind of behavior that would trigger someone reporting you – such as malware, virus, hack, and even violations.

As for positive local factors or good practices, which are capable of improving the business’ revenue through an ideal market, there are also quite a few tips that can help you to improve your business revenue. The selection of the categories, for example, is one of the most important tips that one can get. An accurate category and an also accurate information are capable of proving to Google that the business is indeed real. Furthermore, if your website is proven to have high-quality and authority, it will be considered as trusted and, thus, will receive a high ranking on the search engine. The same can happen to reviews, in other words, if your website has a lot of positive reviews, or even negative reviews, it will also give you a higher rank.

Another positive tip that can help new business is the accuracy of the location and area code provided. Therefore, the closer the business’ marker is to the city’s marker, the better it will be for customers to find your business, on the other hand, you can opt to be closer to the searcher. Furthermore, you can also opt to strengthen the confidence of Google to your business by receiving views on Google itself and by having links from industry-relevant sites. Lastly, but not least, you can also add your city and state to your website title tags. A Google Earth KML file and a GEO Sitemap Notations are also advisable to the use.

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