Error MySQL Can't select database

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Error MySQL Can't select database

Migrating my wordpress site from a server

I am moving an old wordpress website from a hosting / server to a new server. During this process I determined the mysql server that was loaded on the destination server was not working properly. I was receiving errors everytime I tried to access a user that was configured from the MySQL Administrators interface. My website could not connect to the database I had imported from the original server. So I ended up uninstalling the server and reinstalling it with a similar version. I went from 5.5 to 5.7. So I finally got it up and running and then I discovered a new error. Yes, the error above

MySQL Error Can't Select Database

After some research and trial and error I determined that the user name did not have access to the actual database. This was not allow the migrated website to come up.

You simply have to click the priviledges that you want to right and then click apply towards the bottom of the screen.

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