How to Market on Google Maps for SEO


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How to Market on Google Maps for SEO

Google Maps is an excellent app that is receiving Google’s constant attention to become an even better app, thus, it is always receiving improvements and refinements. Besides being a useful GPS tool, Google Maps is also a powerful marketing tool that is able to boost a business through its wide digital marketing strategies. Although it is commonly used by drivers who have a weak sense of direction or who are new to the area, it is constantly used for others purposes, therefore, proving its worth and usability to the digital world.

Google Maps can also be used as a useful tool to make the business visible and strategically positioned to positively influence the business’ digital marketing. Therefore, Google Maps marketing is already constantly used by large companies and is proven to be indispensable for small business because it is able to give the business a higher ranking on relevant engine searches and on local listings. Furthermore, the results given are based on the proximity – which is the most common, and is based on the physical location of the searcher - and “ranked” - which, although it may sound odd, is given when the searcher does not have the location data enabled and, thus, is based on the results given of a certain location.

With the mobile search volume increasing, the proximity results are the most common and used amongst searchers. Furthermore, the Google Maps listings are prioritized into positions based on the searcher’s locations, with the position “A” being the closest, followed by positions “B” and “C” and further on, in case the searcher desires for more options. On the other hand, if the searcher does not have the location data enabled, Google will suggest the Ranked Google Maps results, which will provide listings for a certain location. Although it does not show the results closest to the searcher, it will show the best-ranked listings of a certain location, thus, it can be the best ranked on reviews or the one that uses a tool named Google My Business.

Formerly known as Google Places, Google My Business is a tool that allows business owners to claim a listing for their business to appear on the results of the Google search. That way, the Google My Business will make it easier for any type of business to appear on a high spot on the results of the search and, thus, will attract more customers, who, in turn, will be able to see the desired information – such as working hours and ratings – through the listing. On the other hand, the owner can also opt to not claim a Google My Business listing and register the business and provide cursory information instead. Although it may provide less visibility, there are some tips that can help the owner to achieve a better visibility without the need to buy the Google My Business.

First of all, the most important thing to provide is the accurate information of the business address, which also needs to be the exact same address as the information used by the USPS, and to get the listing verified on Google My Business. Furthermore, it is also advisable to specify which areas the business services and to include customers reviews on the front page of the listing. You can also include photos, optimize the introduction with a summary of your company and what sets you apart from the competition. Lastly, remember to check all the correct categories which are relevant to your business, that way you will have a more accurate and optimized listing.

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