Domain Authority VS Page Authority: Why Not Both? for SEO


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Domain Authority VS Page Authority: Why Not Both? for SEO

Authority is a qualitative measure of a web property that affects the visibility and ranking in search engines and, although it cannot guarantee a good visibility, it is an indicator of the SEO performance. Therefore, the authority is the focus of most SEO experts because it is capable of producing efficient tactics that may, or may not, increase the performance of the SEO. Furthermore, there are different types of authority but there is no reliable measure of a website’s authority.

The first type of authority presented is the Domain Authority, which is the authoritative strength of an entire domain. The Domain Authority can be increased suddenly or steadily overtime through tactics such as the creation of high-quality contents for your website, the gain of high-quality inbound links that have external source relevance, the removal of suspicious or bad links that lead to your website. Furthermore, the Domain Authority offers a flexibility in terms of creation of your website, allowing the owner to have more freedom of how, when and where to create a website. However, unlike the Page Authority, this type of authority requires more effort and time to increase, although it also offers wider effects.

Page Authority, on the other hand, is capable of predicting the ability of a page to rank in search engines, therefore, a high Page Authority means that the page has the chance to get a high rank in search engines. Although both authorities are separate, they are quite similar in many aspects and they should be because the rules apply to both authorities, but on a smaller scale. Therefore, if you desire to influence the Page Authorities, you can use the same tips used for the Domain Authority. Furthermore, both authorities have a mutually beneficial relationship, for example, if you build more links to your individual pages, the domain authority will rise. On the other hand, if the domain authority is high enough, it will also increase the page authority of each individual page.

Although Page Authority can be built faster than the Domain Authority, thus giving you the chance to quickly boost one of your individual pages on search engines, it is ideal to work with both authorities at the same time. However, you can also invest only on the Domain Authority, which will give you an increase in the inbound traffic and consequently earning a growth on your entire brand, which is better than to focus in only one page. Furthermore, this type of investment will naturally cause one page to stand out and attract more authority. Besides that, there are basically no consequences, neither long-term nor short-term, for providing the extra boost.

Domain Authority is a long-term investment and is capable of boosting your entire brand all-together instead of boosting only one individual page, thus, it has a greater potential than the Page Authority. Therefore, it deserves more attention and prioritization, however, do not neglect the Page Authority as it is a useful tool to stand out an individual page instead of an entire brand. Furthermore, the perfect strategy is to balance both strategies in a way that it can influence positively the brand, in others words, use Domain Strategy to boost the company as a whole and the Page Authority to compete with a specific keyword or to compete in search engines.

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