OS Developing Shopping Experience Based On Block Chain Platform

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Press Release: OS Developing Shopping Experience Based On Block Chain Platform

Online Services (OS) is developing a new shopping experience based on the Block Chain platform. Block Chain is the platform from which Bitcoin is developed and based on. For more information on Block Chain visit https://blockchain.info.

The OS shopping experience will allow consumers to enter the block chain portal and either navigate to merchants that are on the OS Platform and /or place request for purchases for particular products. Merchants on the other side will be able to place their products and services in real time on to the block chain platform. Merchants will pay nearly free selling fees as long as the transaction is being done through the bitcoin or merchant process service which will be part of the actual OS platform.

This new OS platform will allow merchants essentially to be able to bypass companies like Google and Amazon. This will allow the consumer to search, find and transact directly with the merchant provider.

For information on the OS Block Chain Platform, to get information on the Merchant API or to get in involved with the open source development visit complete the contact form below. We will email you the appropriate documentation / Instructions.




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